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‘Ice-pick-sharp, packed with intrigue, action and spine-chilling suspense. Devour will keep you gripped from the very first page’ Kathryn Fox

Larkin's Latest

Welcome to my blog, Larkin’s Latest. News on thriller authors and great books to read, the writing process and festivals, incredible people I interview and exciting story locations, courses I run, and things that make me laugh!

Man behind the hacker character does live hacking demo!

July 20, 2010

Live hacking demo! In partnership with Dymocks North Sydney, 5:30pm, Thurs 5 August.

The hacker who inspired the hacker charcater in The Genesis Flaw is flying in to join L.A. Larkin at an event that will make you think twice about your internet security. The author and the hacker will discuss the hacking and identity theft scenes in the novel, how real they are, and “fosm” will hack live into a system to demonstrate how easy it is to steal personal information. He will also talk about ways you can make yourself less vulnerable to internet data theft. L.A Larkin will talk about her time at a hackers’ conference, and her central character’s the moral dilemmas when she decides to use hacking to steal information.

When: Thursday 5th August, 5.30pm for 5.45pm start.

Where: Mary Mackillop Place (room location TBC)

80 William Street, North Sydney (5 min walk from North Sydney Station, off Mount Street)

Cost: $5 (light refreshments included)

Bookings through Dymocks North Sydney 02 9956 6771 or

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‘This Australian-based debut deserves a place among the big names.’

July 7, 2010

I am blown away by Lachlan Jobbins’ review of my thriller, The Genesis Flaw, which appears in the August issue of Bookseller + Publisher magazine.

‘This Australian-based debut deserves a place among the big names…a sweaty-palm page-turner with short chapters and loads of action. It’s the literary equivalent of The Day After Tomorrow or Lost; exciting, compulsive reading.’

To read the whole review please click here

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Midwinter’s day celebrations Antarctic style

June 22, 2010

I was lucky enough to be at the Australian Antarctic Division’s headquarters, yesterday, to witness, via webcam, the midwinter celebrations at each of the Australian bases: Mawson, Davis, Macquarie Island and Casey.

These “overwinterers” are in permanent night and the temperatures are cold (as I write it is hovering around -23 degrees c at Davis). But, they are far from glum. Celebrations were planned, and I’m sure executed, with much bravado.

Events included comic skits, bands and a ten course feast. One guy was dressed as Scooby Doo (how on earth do you get a full bodied Scooby Doo outfit to such a remote place? Imagine the local wildlife getting a bit of a shock!) I hope you all had an absolute ball.

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