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‘Ice-pick-sharp, packed with intrigue, action and spine-chilling suspense. Devour will keep you gripped from the very first page’ Kathryn Fox

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L.A. Larkin is now firmly on my must-read list: C.J Carver

July 7, 2017

I happen to be a big fan of thriller author C.J. Carver, who, like me, is a bit of an adventurer. So imagine how happy I was to see this five star review of DEVOUR by C.J. Carver on GoodReads

I love opening a brand-new book by an author and reading those first few lines. I especially love it when those first few lines tell me I’m in safe hands, and that the book is going to ring all my bells with believable characters, great action scenes and a watertight plot line that leads to a cracking ending.
I loved the protagonist Olivia Wolfe, and although she’s super-capable, almost a superwoman, Larkin uses a deft touch to show her character’s vulnerabilities. Out of all the book characters I’ve read, Olivia Wolfe is at the top of my list to invite to dinner and L.A. Larkin is now firmly on my must-read list.

June 30, 2017

Thank you C.J. Perhaps we could hold a dinner party one day and invite all our favourite characters!?

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Review of Vicious Circle by C.J. Box

June 20, 2017

Evocative, creepy and tense – a masterful modern-day, dark, cowboy thriller.
Vicious Circle is a true wilderness thriller and the evocative setting in the chilly mountains of Wyoming really drew me in. This is the seventeenth book in the Joe Pickett series, and the first one I have read, and it didn’t matter at all to my enjoyment of the book. Pickett is an unusual and therefore fascinating thriller hero – a game warden, so not a police officer or detective. He’s also a quiet hero and a family man and it is the dynamic with his family, whom he will protect at any cost, which is so touching. His old enemy is back and out for revenge and Pickett must protect his family against a charming and dangerous adversary.

I found the location mesmerizing as I am a wilderness fan but I think it is the cast of characters that had me so hooked, especially the goons, Brutus and the Weasel, and Farkus at the bar before he meets an untimely end. They add a touch of humour in an otherwise sinister and scary plot.

I was lucky enough to meet the author, C.J. Box at the UK’s CrimeFest in May 2017 and really enjoyed hearing about his ranch in Wyoming and his family. He’s a great ambassador for his State and a wonderful author. I can’t recommend this book enough.

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Review of Stav Sherez’s The Intrusions

June 9, 2017

Superb characters, topical plot and sizzling with suspense. Sherez mercilessly piles the pressure onto his central characters and expertly tackles the subject of social media used to destroy people. He also has a wonderful writing style which reminds me a bit of Michael Robothom’s novels, in the way he can nail an image so perfectly. Highly recommended.

‘Sherez’s novels are strikingly modern and infused with a passionate belief in justice’ Joan Smith, Sunday Times

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Review of Triple Crown by Felix Francis

May 15, 2017

I will be moderating a panel at CrimeFest on Thursday 18 May called The Hunter Hunted, and joining me will be author Felix Francis, author of Triple Crown. Here is my short review of his book:

Great characters and fascinating insight into horse racing
I am not a horse racing fan but I found the author’s insight into the disturbingly corrupt world of international horse racing fascinating, and I really enjoyed the book’s very British central character, Jeff Hinkley, forced out of his comfort zone in the USA. The tension really mounts when Jeff goes undercover as a groom and faces numerous potentially hazardous situations. A really great read.

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Review of The Ninth Grave by Stefan Ahnhem

May 10, 2017

I will be sharing a panel discussion with Swedish author Stefan Ahnhem at CrimeFest 2017 on 18 May and I have really enjoyed his latest novel The Ninth Grave. Here is a quick review:

Clever, complex and unexpected.

At first this is almost like two crime fiction stories in one volume- one set in Sweden with detective Fabian Risk and the other set in Denmark with detective Dunja Hougaard. The two plot strands come together later in the book and this is certainly a novel that requires the reader’s full attention, but it is well worth it. Risk is without doubt the lead character and he is an unusual one: clever and persistent, but hesitant and sometimes fearful, he does not behave as you expect a hero to behave at the climax (I won’t say any more as I don’t want to reveal too much). The killer is also unexpected, both barbaric and sympathetic, and I love the way the author introduces the killer’s motivation with a letter that travels half way around the world


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