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What a launch! – some images from Thirst’s Sydney launch at Ariel Bookshop

August 14, 2012

What a great party and a huge crowd turned out to celebrate the Sydney launch of Thirst at Ariel Bookshop, Paddington. I think the best way to show you how much fun it was, is to share some photos, so here goes:

(On the right) My wonderful publisher, Melanie Ostell, me in the middle, and the brilliant Debbie McInnes of DMCPR.

Gaby Naher, my agent, and I are enjoying a glass or three…




The Larkin clan enjoying the moment. Is there another future author in the family? She certainly writes great stories…






(Below)Dean Carter came all the way from New Zealand for the launch of Thirst! Well, almost… he was in Sydney on infosec business. John Fell, in the blue shirt, is a personal trainer and director of Rise Personal Fitness.



(Below)Lucie Stevens, Pat Hegarty and Dom Bragge at the book signing. This wasn’t staged – honestly. They did buy copies!









David Tomlinson getting his copy signed. I won’t tell you what he asked me to write!

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