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GoodReads giveaway – congratulations to the winners!

My publisher ran a giveaway of four signed copies of my new thriller, Prey, with GoodReads and I’m delighted to announce the 4 winners:

Barb L, Betina T, Darlene M, Deishima B, congratulations!

Copies have been mailed to you, but they may take a few weeks, given they going from Australia to the USA and the postal services in both countries have been compromised by the global pandemic.

A big thank you to the 3,461 readers who entered the giveaway!


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GIVEAWAY time with Goodreads

April 20, 2020

GoodReads is offering thriller book lovers in the USA and Canada the chance to WIN one of four signed paperback copies of Prey. The giveaway runs from April 20 – May 11, 2020 and you enter via GoodReads here.

GoodReads only runs giveaways for the USA and Canada, so sadly readers in other countries cannot enter.

Good luck!

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