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‘Fast and immersive – a really fine thriller’ Lee Child
‘Dark and menacing, heart-wrenchingly real’ C.J. Carver
‘Intrigue in spades’ Peter James
Larkin’s ‘chiller thrillers will reel you in’ Marie Claire

Widow's Island

Someone knows your secret. And they’re coming to find you…

It’s already dark when Stephanie Miller returns to her remote lakeside home on Whisper Island. It’s only been a few months since her husband died, and her bond with her daughter is stronger than ever. Calling Amy’s name, Stephanie hears her phone buzz inside her purse. She doesn’t have to look to know that it’s another anonymous threat, she’s had them all day. But now she sees that this one is different. Someone knows she’s just walked through the door. Someone is watching her every move…

Stephanie’s skin prickles. Whoever is behind the messages is close to her family. They know her secret and she will do anything to stop Amy finding out. As she nervously looks out across the pitch-black water something moves. Is that a dark figure watching her from the shadows? One minute he’s
there, the next he’s gone.

Days later, the police still have no leads. Stephanie knows she can’t risk being trapped on the island again. Then, her best friend is murdered in her own home and Stephanie’s only thought is for Amy. But little does she know, the killer has already made contact with her daughter and he’s about to make his biggest move yet.

When a huge storm cuts off the island from the mainland, Stephanie feels like a sitting duck, waiting for the killer to come knocking. Although she will do anything to protect her precious family, she’s totally unprepared for what the killer does next…

Fans of Rachel Caine, Lisa Regan and D.K. Hood will love this nail-biting suspenseful thriller from bestselling author, L.A. Larkin. Widow’s Island will keep you up all night.


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Pre-order your ebook of Widow’s Island now

Widow’s Island is published by Bookouture and is available for pre-order in ebook format.

From June 3, 2021 both paperback and ebooks will be available on:

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The audio book of Widow’s Island is coming soon!

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Book Club Questions for Widow's Island

  1. Stephanie Miller and her daughter, Amy, are characters already under stress at the start of the book and that stress grows as the novel progresses. How does the author build the suspense in Widow’s Island?
  2. How does the author turn a beautiful peaceful island into a terrifying ordeal?
  3. Love and guilt are powerful emotions. How do these emotions drive the character’s actions?
  4. The online threats to Stephanie and her daughter quickly become physical threats. Which is more terrifying? The faceless cyber trolls or the man lurking in the forest watching the?
  5. The novel explores the power of misinformation to destroy people’s reputations and lives. Have you observed misinformation on social media or blogs?
  6. The killer in Widow’s Island has been dormant for a while – how has he satisfied his urge to kill over that period of dormancy?
  7. Why is Special Agent Samson haunted?
  8. What was your favourite plot twist?

Publicity and Agents

Publicity for Widow’s Island: Noelle Holten, Bookouture,

Public speaking: Booked Out,

Literary Agent: Marjacq, Phil Patterson

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